We interrupt this trash for a message from Truth Brigade.
To counter the propaganda, fabrication and outright lies the authorities and their media lackeys have been spewing to the public, we are committed to bringing to light the Real Truth hidden behind the
Great Wall of Lies.
The recent violence and chaos in Crime City, contrary to the official line, was the work of agents provocateurs sent in by Crime Control and their corporate sponsors to infiltrate the growing protest movement and discredit and incarcerate its legitimate leaders. It has also been the excuse for enacting Draconian laws meant to silence and ultimately destroy dissent. Quite simply, Crime Control is Out of Control, and behind them, pulling the strings, are some of the biggest names in politics, business and finance. The recent merger of the Murdoch and Turner media machines  into this Murdercom network has been the main instrument to disseminate the party line and shape public opinion, and it will be through their own network and vast resources that we will be exposing the inner workings and close connections between the police, the media, and the corporate and banking worlds. The stakes couldn't be higher, so stay tuned for our next transmission when we'll talk with a surprising guest who will reveal the Conspirators' Plans for Total Control of Crime City Crime Reserve Bank


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Low self esteem
Chronic Pain
Fear and Phobias
Dreams of Armageddon
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Suicidal Tendency
Craving for Jesus
Deep Feelings of Guilt
Anger and Aggression
Evangelical Fever
Irritation and Impatience
Dislike for Dark Weather

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